Announcing an exciting new series:
Aspiring Human, Inspiring Universe

Book 1: The Riddle of The Sphinx -   
Navigating Life's Transitions
   by Debashis Chowdhury
        (Planned Publication: October 2009)

Audience: Young Adult and Adult readers who
aspire to frame their personal aspirations within
the greater universal context.

How the story is told: Our story takes the form
of a dialog between the Aspiring Human (Hu)
and the Inspiring Universe (Uni). In this book Hu
faces several key transitions in life, and Uni
skillfully guides him through the changes.

Illustrations: The story is illustrated in full color to catch the reader's
imagination and to transport them into a dimension were they can see the
vast possibilities that cradle our existence. A preview of the illustrations is
available using the link on the navigation baron the left of this page.

On the web:  The first three chapters are available on the web - please
click the Chapters link on the Navigation bar on the left side of this page.
Many of the key Pictorials are also available here, as are the Introduction
and Acknowledgements sections.

Relevance: As human society became more and more complicated over
time, the prescribed response seems to have been to create higher and
higher levels of specialization. Human beings have become
compartmentalized and subdivided - and our aspirations increasingly
limited within ever narrow parameters. With the greater reach of
information technology, and our gathering insights into the mechanics of
the universe, this is all about to change...

The new human is capable of understanding the multiple stages that we
must morph through in our quest for self development. No longer is a
'caste' system necessary to say who can (and cannot) do what. Within
ourselves we now discover the full potential of being human - our critical
metamorphosis from the merely living to a much more fulfilling existence
bordering on the Divine! This is the great awakening, and all humans are
equally welcome...

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The Riddle
 The Sphinx
Aspiring Human
Inspiring Universe
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