The Goal of this exercise is to help us
visualize our existence - covering all four
Tao Cycle segments.

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Courtesy: Subhen Chatterjee
                                                                                                                   Album: Bandish Fusion

Exercise 1: We will visualize the Tao Cycle itself. The objective is to look at
the Tao Cycle diagram for 5-10 seconds, and then slowly close our eyes.

With practice, we can carry the mental image in our minds for  3, 5, 10
seconds or longer - until it slowly fades away. It may be helpful to start
with specific features - e.g. how the four arcs come together at the center.

Open your eyes again, and repeat the visualization exercise. Suggested
practice time: 5 - 15 minutes.

Exercise 2: We add some additional features to the Tao Cycle. The four
magnets at the nodes tend to hold us captive to set thinking patterns that
resist forward progress. The initial exercise is to visualize the diagram in a
static manner - similar to step one. Once we can hold the picture for about
5-10 seconds, we visualize the inner circle beginning to turn in the
direction of the swirl (i.e. anti-clockwise). With practice we can go from a
slow spin to a fast spin, much like an electric motor does at startup. The
magnets that were holding us back previously now become a critical part
of the operation of the Tao Cycle motor.

Exercise 3: We now look at the Tao Cycle butterfly with the two mirror
image wings. The first step is still the same - to try and visualize the static
image for about 5-10 seconds at a time. Now slowly imagine the butterfly
flapping its wings, with the mirror images coming together then moving
apart, pulsating...

At the third step, the butterfly alights upon a branch, and pulls its wings
together in a vertical fashion. The two mirror image Tao Cycles merge
together as one. Although we cannot see them anymore, we visualize them
in a tight embrace - the spiritual union of the Aspiring Human and the
Inspiring Universe. Bring your hands together in the form of a Namaste,
and visualize the two Tao Cycles held together between them.

Beyond Visualization:

Upon completing the visualization exercises, we can carry forward the
deep thinking patterns into examining our own lives in a dispassionate
(objective) manner. We examine our goals from all four segments, and
check if they are taking us in the direction we want to go in the context of
the Tao Cycle. If necessary we re-balance our goals to make it possible to
navigate the full Tao Cycle within our lifetime. The balancing act will be to
make each segment as robust as possible, while still planning to complete
the entire cycle in a timely manner.

Total Session time: 30 minutes - 1 hour.
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